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5 Ways to Increase your ACT Score NOW

Be FutureWise About PREP

By: Eulynn Gargano

It doesn’t matter what stage of test preparation you’re in. There are always ways you can be bettering yourself and ensuring that you are poised for success on your ACT.

Sleep More

Yes, there is a mind–body connection folks, and while the academic and social demands may contradict a regular sleep pattern, your mind needs it to function properly. Get in the habit now.

Develop a Prep Plan

The key to a successful prep plan is establishing a realistic goal. If you’re already FutureWise, we’ve assessed a reasonable goal to achieve—and we are now looking to blow it out of the water. If you’re not yet FutureWise, contact us to set up a diagnostic test so we can develop a plan together.

Practice in Test Day Conditions

Sitting in front of Pretty Little Liars with your iPhone “practicing for the ACT” is as helpful to improving your score as sitting in front of Pretty Little Liars with your iPhone without your ACT book. Don’t do it. Don’t give into the distractions around you and think you’re going to see an improvement. Real practice is quiet, distraction free, and properly stocked (think test-appropriate watch, #2 pencils, proper calculator).

Memorize Basic Math Formulas

The ACT doesn’t give you any formulas on the test so it’s essential that you have the basics memorized.


Read books, magazines, blogs…anything! It’s false to believe that reading comprehension is tested only on the Reading section of the ACT. In fact, every section of the ACT requires you to effectively comprehend what you are reading—even the math section! Reading is also the toughest and most time-consuming skill to develop and improve. So start now!

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