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Practice Makes Perfect

Be FutureWise About PREP

By: Eulynn Gargano

If you’re already FutureWise, you know how many practice tests you’ll need to take in order to see the biggest gains in your score. If you’re just learning how to be FutureWise, here is a little insight into our three most important priorities when it comes to practice tests for your SAT or ACT.

1. Assessment: We need to assess your current scoring level. How else can we celebrate your score improvements if we don’t have a baseline?

2. Practice: Your endurance needs to improve. Keep your mind focused for hours on end is not a simple task—and it won’t happen without practice.

3. Analytics: We need to analyze your natural strengths and areas for improvement. Without this valuable information—we’re helpless to help you!

Now you know why scheduling proctored practice exams during your test preparation is so important. But don’t forget that practice tests don’t actually help us improve while we’re taking them. It’s the techniques and strategies you’re refining between practice tests that are the real catalysts for score improvements. To schedule a free diagnostic test with FutureWise, head over to our CONTACT page and let us know your availability.

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