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The New SAT: What it Means for You

Be FutureWise About COLLEGE

By: Eulynn Gargano

If you're already FutureWise, you know not to worry. We've got you covered, and we’ve never let you down. These changes are nothing we haven't seen before. You picked us because we're experts ... not just in Test Prep, but in Education ... and Education Policy. We're in the know not just about WHAT these changes are, but about HOW they will affect you.

We'd like to take a moment to applaud the College Board on their desire to make the new SAT "more focused, more useful, and clearer than ever before." For the full story of what’s changing, click here.

Now, for the information you’re really looking for…What do these changes mean?

Want to take the new SAT now?

Then sign up for the ACT. That's right, by eliminating the guessing penalty, moving the now optional essay to the end of the test and requiring students to analyze data that is grounded in real-world context, the SAT is announcing a test that sounds very similar to the ACT.

So, if I'm a Freshman, does that mean I don't have to prep?

Well, the generous College Board has promised to tell everyone what is on the new SAT. We suggest evaluating your academic progress now. If the new SAT is designed based on what you're learning in school - make sure you're learning it - and retaining it! Excited that they're eliminating "SAT words" from the mix ... then be sure you're also reading widely so you know how words work in context. The bottom line is: Prep earlier for greater success.

What about this FREE Test Prep that Khan Academy is offering?

Khan Academy had fully prepped the College Board's Official Guide and has been offering the teachings free on their website for years now. Use them as a resource. If you're the type of student who can learn from that particular learning style then, yes! Say hello to FREE Test Prep.

So, why do I need FutureWise?

Most students find that their learning style is a unique blend of their experiences, personalities and ways in which they understand. That's why the FutureWise experience is so beneficial in increasing their scores above and beyond what they ever thought possible!

The bottom line...FutureWise has always been about ensuring that our students develop the fundamental academic skills that will not only prepare them well for the SAT and ACT, but also for success in life. This announcement just means you'll also need to start earlier. We're ready to guide you through this new SAT and each step of the college admissions! Contact us today to see how these changes affect your trajectory!

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