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DIY Test Prep

Be FutureWise About PREP

By: Eulynn Gargano

We’re happy to jump onto the Free Test Prep bandwagon along with the @CollegeBoard and @KhanAcademy. We agree with those folks - that it is still possible for some students to effectively prep for the SAT without the assistance of a tutor. Here are our top resources for those of your wanting to DIY your Test Prep.

1. FutureWise Consulting: yep, that’s us! We’ll help you out with free diagnostic tests. In addition, we offer free Study Sessions where you and your friends can come and work with an expert tutor on whatever you’re struggling in!

2. Khan Academy: the non-profit educational website has a video explanation of every SAT problem from the big blue book published by the College Board. Thanks Sal!

3. Princeton Review and Kaplan: two big names in the business offer free, proctored practice tests in your area … take advantage of practicing in test day like conditions.

4. The Official SAT Study Guide: created by the creators of the test, there are no better questions to practice with … than the official ones.

5. I Need a Pencil ( on a mission to reduce the cost of high quality educational materials, this company offers free SAT lessons in each subject area. The coolest function on the site? A projected SAT score based on your progress!

And if you’re not one of those students who wants to DIY your prep, come in for a consultation and be on your way to a brighter future.

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