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The Secret to Having a Great SAT Score and a Great Tan

Be FutureWise About TEST PREP

By: Eulynn Gargano

Summer is the time for lazy beach days, mid-morning movies, endless shopping and fun travel adventures. It also happens to be a prime time to prep for the SAT or ACT. Here at FutureWise, we believe you can have the best of both worlds. Just follow our simple tips that will have your SAT score rising with the temperatures.

Have a Prep Plan

You won’t get very far without a plan, so meet with an expert early on this summer to establish what you should be focusing on, how often, and when you should be scheduling practice tests. Once you have these dates set, treat them like a part-time job. Show up consistently, and schedule summer fun activities around your test prep commitments.

Study at the Beach

Who says you need to study at a windowless library? There are plenty of review topics you can cover while in the comfort of your sandy beach chair, favorite CdM coffee shop, or shopping mall. Particularly great topics for study in these locals are vocabulary and math formulas.

Use Your Phone

Flashcards for vocabulary and math formulas are only a download away! Impress your summer crush while you incorporate new SAT words into your vocabulary. Your phone is a great tool for prep since, let’s be honest, it goes where you go! Off to the beach!

Read before Naptime

Yes, seriously! We know you’re stealing siestas in order to stay out late for those summer bonfires, so sneak an SAT reading passage in beforehand. It will help build up your endurance each time you practice, and there’s very little time commitment.

Follow these tips to rule your summer while also building up your scores. Yes, you can have it all … with a plan!

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