• Eulynn Gargano

Who Needs to Know Your SAT Score?

Be FutureWise About PREP

When you’re FutureWise about your prep, you know what that score on your SAT or ACT actually measures: Not your intelligence or chances for future success but rather, how well prepared you are to take the test.

And when you prep for the test and learn how to utilize that score, it becomes the difference between earning $0 and earning $20,000 in scholarships. It becomes the difference between admittance to number six on your college list and your dream school.

These are all amazing achievements that I want you to share with friends, family and everyone on Facebook.

What I don’t want you to share, is that score.

In the same way you would hesitate to tweet your salary, don’t instagram your score report.

It’s awkward. It’s unfair.

You’re prepping with the best, so you know our little secret.

Same for you Moms and Dads. Your son or daughter’s score is not appropriate dinner party talk. Nothing good can come from boasting about the number or stressing over it … especially in front of others.

So who needs to know your scores? Well, those that promise to utilize it for good only - your college counselor, your tutor, the colleges you’re applying to and your parents. That’s it. Now if you know of others that might want to be let in on our little secret, just let us know, we’re happy to meet with them.

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