Above all, we value the relationships we forge with our students and their families. Here is just some of the feedback we have received over the years.

"The process of picking schools and applying to colleges is one of the most important tasks that a parent and child will face in today’s extremely competitive environment. Jenn helped my daughter navigate this stressful time with competence, kindness and respect. She also empowered my daughter with the responsibility to meet her timeline for applications and guided her expertly with direction and demeanor in her essay writing. Parents, this is a very worthy investment!"

    - Parent from Newport Coast

"I am so excited about all of my options, especially Georgetown! I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. You were such a great resource, and I can't explain how much you helped me throughout the entire process! Thanks again."​

    - Student from Newport Beach

"“The college application process is one of the most stressful parts of high school.  FutureWise helped me decipher what I want in a school, organize my thoughts for applications, and make a game plan for finding the right school for me.  I felt so comfortable working with Jenn, and I’m so thankful I had her to help me through this whirlwind of exams, interviews, and essays.  Two years later, I’m happy to say I truly found my home at MIT.  Thanks so much for the support!”

    - Student from Laguna Beach


"I can't say enough great things about Jenn and Futurewise Consulting.  My daughter was a senior, had great grades, test scores and extra curriculars.  Just like every other parent of a high school student, I had heard about college entrance counselors, but I was a little doubtful as to the help they could offer my daughter at this point in her high school career.  I was so wrong!  I can't say enough about the benefits of having Jenn help my daughter negotiate the application process.  From helping her narrow down schools based not only upon the prestige of a particular school, but the compatibility of the school for my daughter's needs and wants.  She kept her on track in a helpful and encouraging way, kept the pressure to a minimum for both my daughter and myself, and became her confidant and friend in this very stressful process. My daughter got accepted to several schools.  I believe especially that Jenn's help and guidance with my daughter's essays really tipped the scale for some of the schools, in that their acceptance letters specifically noted her essay, which is unusual!  Many of my daughter's friends who had signed up with other college counselors did not enjoy the same experience as my daughter. I would wholeheartedly recommend Futurewise Consulting and Jenn without reservation.  Thank you Jenn, you made this experience hopeful and joyful."

    - Parent from Huntington Beach​

"Jenn Curtis at FutureWise Consulting was a great asset to my son in preparing for and applying to college over the last two years. She helped him to figure out what he is interested in, what kind of thinker he is, what field is best suited to him, and how to pursue the best schools for all his desires and personality. She expected a lot of him, treated him like an adult, and respected who he is as a person. I also appreciated her willingness to discuss areas of concern for me as a parent, as I also tried to help my son navigate through all the fields of study and hundreds of colleges available. Jenn eased my mind, more than once, about some of the things that didn’t seem to bother my son but worried me. . .Jenn runs her firm with great professionalism: she always had the most professional and warm personality, she has an office space where students can meet her without distraction, she keeps her appointments, and had high but reasonable expectations of her student clients. . .She helped [my son] fine tune his writing so that it answered the school’s requirements while still showing who he was as a person and a student. I really liked that she seemed to really 'get' him and had faith in his gut instincts when it came down to narrowing down and finally choosing a school to attend. . . I would and have recommended Jenn to friends with college bound students and will continue to do so."
     - Parent from Irvine

"My family has been working with FutureWise for over 5 years.  The value Jenn brings is off the charts and it's a must if you want to keep your sanity as you get closer to sending off your teenagers to college.  She makes the effort to learn about each student, sets realistic expectations for acceptance possibilities, and has a great deal of knowledge about each college campus so you're not just throwing darts at which schools to apply to. Jenn is detailed and meticulus working with her students to ensure they have put their very best effort in preparing their applications. . .I have one son attending an Ivy League School and one who will be finding out soon where he will be going.  Two down and one to go.  Thank you Jenn for doing an impeccable job with my boys!"

    - Parent from Coto de Caza

"Our family has had an amazing experience using FutureWise. Obviously, every child is unique within a family, and though we already have two kids in two different universities in Southern California, when our youngest son began looking at colleges we knew he desired to look beyond where his siblings had gone before him. Plus, experience had taught us that college searches were not only time consuming but relationship straining and we felt we needed a bigger support base with a broader range of helping our son find a university that would fit him best. Jenn at FutureWise helped us navigate seeking schools and going thru the difficult application process. Their warm and professional personalities also gave our son the motivation he needed without pressure from us his parents. It is exciting now to see our son accepted into schools he might not have otherwise applied to. We highly recommend FutureWise. Details are taken care of with the dynamic help of these highly qualified professionals."
    - Parent from Laguna Beach

"I had a really interesting first quarter at Stanford...I know I absolutely wouldn't have gotten the opportunity without having those earplugs on, just going for whatever I thought I'd like to do regardless of other opinions, so this is a real testament to how much your advice and mentorship is still helping me, past the college application process."

    - Student from Irvine

"I made the decision....Next year I will be at Berkeley! Thank you so much for all your help in the past months. I would have felt completely lost without you to help me with the deadlines, essays, and every other part of the application process. Also, thank you for talking out everything with me the other day. It really helped me clear my thoughts and realize where I wanted to go. I feel great about my decision and cannot wait to go to college!"

    - Student from San Juan Capistrano

“You have gone so far above and beyond with your help and I truly appreciate it. I honestly do not know what I would have done without you, and you have been such an incredible resource! I know how much time and effort you have put into helping me and it really means a lot. I am forever indebted to you!”
    - Student from Ojai

"As a parent I have learned that a college applicant that does not have the benefit of an informed, knowledgeable, competent, and caring independent college counselor is disadvantaged in today’s college admission process.  There is too much to know, too many mistakes that can be made, and too much at stake.  Not only would I give FutureWise very high marks in these areas, but most importantly, my daughter 'connected' with them, respected their opinions, followed their advice, and diligently did as she was asked.  My daughter also benefited from their extraordinary attention to detail.  The end result was a combination of the most compelling Common Application, supplemental applications, and essays possible.  As a parent, that is all I could ask for.  One piece of advice though—start early."

    - Parent from Newport Beach

"I received acceptance into NYU and will now be attending there next year! I'm very excited and wanted to thank you so much for all you guys have done for me! Again, I'm super excited and couldn't have done it without you so thank you!"
    - Student from Laguna Beach

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