Test prep doesn't end at the SAT and ACT. Our guidance through AP and IB exams as well as the SAT Subject Tests equips students with the necessary tools to succeed in all areas of standardized testing so that they are poised to be the most competitive applicants possible.


When you prep for the SAT with FutureWise, you get confidence in knowing that your tutor is an expert in all three subject areas so that you have the consistency of developing a trusting relationship with one tutor.

Our SAT preparation focuses on teaching students the necessary skills and techniques to master this standardized test.


Necessary for the FutureWise student who is focused on exposure to the college curriculum while in high school, AP and IB exams allow students to get ahead before they even step foot on a college campus. Your FutureWise AP and IB exam tutor will help you demonstrate your proficiency in the material when it matters the most.


With the rising popularity and increasing difficulty of the ACT, it is essential for students to work with a tutor who not only utilizes the most current prep methods but who also engages in the process by regularly taking the test. 

FutureWise ensures that students understand the nuances of how ACT content is tested, and their preparation is backed by firsthand experience and knowledge of current trends.

SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests are a necessary component for admission to many of the most competitive colleges out there. Not every FutureWise student needs to prep for every Subject Test that they take, but students looking for content review or accountability will find Subject Test prep invaluable. Our college counselors work closely with our tutors to guide students to choose the subjects that will best showcase their strengths.


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