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Add On Services

Navigating the college application process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to composing supplemental essays, personal statements, resumes, and portfolios that get noticed. These add-on services, available exclusively to FutureWise Collective members, offer opportunities to get Jenn's personalized expert feedback to help you elevate your applications. With rapid turnaround, you'll confidently submit polished essays and applications that stand out. 

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Personal Statement Review

Your personal statement tells your unique story. It’s your opportunity to show colleges the parts of you that can’t be captured within the strict confines of the rest of your application. Unlock its potential with a meticulous review of content, grammar, and syntax, ensuring every word shines. Choose between one or two rounds of review to refine your essay. There is no word limit on personal statement drafts. Submit your document via Google Docs and receive comprehensive feedback from Jenn within 24-72 hours.

Supplemental Essay Review

Compelling supplemental essays showcase your passions and aspirations to admission committees. They clearly articulate your perfect fit for each college. Set your application apart with a comprehensive supplemental essay review to ensure that every word resonates with impact. 

  • Submit one supplemental essay for an in-depth expert review of content, grammar, and syntax. 

  • Choose between one or two rounds of review. 

  • There is no word limit on supplemental essay drafts. 

  • Submit your document via Google Docs and receive comprehensive feedback from Jenn within 24-72 hours.

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1:1 Application Review

Craft an unforgettable application that captures the attention of the admission committee. Join Jenn for up to 1 hour in a personalized Zoom session to dissect every facet of your application to ensure that it brilliantly highlights your unique story, experiences, and strengths. Jenn will help you to perfectly polish each part of your application so that you can gain the competitive edge you need to stand out.  

College List Development

Develop and strategize your college list with personalized help from Jenn. You’ll first complete a comprehensive questionnaire to help you think through every aspect of the college experience that will help you to thrive. Then, using your form alongside your academic profile, grades, test scores and potential major choice, Jenn will craft a list of college suggestions, complete with detailed descriptions and insights tailored to your ideal college experience.


In a 30-minute 1:1 meeting with Jenn, you’ll review the suggestions and develop a strategy, gaining a strategic roadmap to explore a diverse array of options and confidently navigate your path toward your perfect-fit colleges.

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Common App Activity Section Review

Your Common App activity section is more than just a list—it's your chance to powerfully articulate the amazing experiences and activities to which you’ve devoted your time throughout high school. Crafting impactful descriptions requires time, careful planning, and thoughtful consideration.


Submit your activity section via Google Docs for a comprehensive review by Jenn, where she'll dive deep into each description, providing personalized feedback and strategic suggestions to elevate your application.


Turnaround will be 24-72 hours.

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