How to Help Kids Speak Up for Themselves in School

By Larry Bernstein

"If you could simply wave a magic wand, what traits would you wish your child to possess? Confidence? Responsibility? Perseverance? Any of these would prove useful in life, but each of these is especially important because they enable a person to self-advocate, which is essential for independence. So when should a child be able to self-advocate?

"...The ability to self-advocate needs to be developed. 'Self-advocacy is a learned skill, and it takes time,' says Jenn Curtis MSW, an educational consultant and co-author of a forthcoming book on appropriately parenting kids through the competitive landscape of college admissions.

Curtis, a mother of two young girls, had her daughters self-advocate as soon as they could communicate effectively. “They order their food when we are at a restaurant and tell the doctor what hurts. It’s important not to speak over your child.”

Commentary: Don’t focus on college rankings lists, which are misleading and easily manipulated by colleges
LA Times

By Cindy Muchnick and Jenn Curtis

"When the college admissions scandal news broke, we called one another in extreme concern, lamenting the crazy circus that our beloved profession has become as a result of a hyper-competitive college admissions landscape coupled with inappropriate parenting madness.

But alongside our shock, echoed by so many around the country, at overreaching parents who resorted to fraud and bribery to help their kids get into college, something more important — more positive — emerged from our conversation.

"As we reflected upon our combined 25 years as private college counselors, we recognized a rapidly emerging trend: parents who are eagerly searching for tools as they grappled with helping their over-stressed and over-programmed kids succeed and be happy during their tween and teenage years."

​School Starts, and So Should College Planning
Newport Beach Independent

By Sara Hall

"As students get into the swing of things amid the hectic first few weeks of school, there are a few things kids should  be considering this fall to look forward to college.

"There are many things to think about this fall, said Jenn Curtis and Casey Emery, co-owners and consultants at FutureWise Consulting, a Newport Beach based business that provides expert and personalized guidance and mentorship for students preparing for college..."

College Experts Talk Podcast
Exposing the Top 10 College Admission Myths: What you Really Need to Know to Get into College Today


FutureWise Consulting's Jenn Curtis is interviewed by Felicia Gopaul, founder of the College Funding Resource and creator of the College Decision Navigator System. Their discussion exposes some common myths about the college admissions process and sets the record straight. Knowing the facts helps put students and families at ease while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Jenn discusses developing a theme in the college application, the best time to get started on the college admissions process, the truth about affording a private university, when to start searching for scholarships, participating in college-level athletics, and much more.  To download the podcast from iTunes, click here.

Orange County Business Journal: Women In Business Awards 2012

The Orange County Business Journal, the comprehensive news source for OC's industries and businesspeople, annually honors outstanding professional women conducting business in Orange County, California. In 2012, FutureWise Consulting had the privelege of being nominated for this prestigious award. 

Help Getting to College, And Beyond
​Feature Article in Newport Beach Independent

By Cindy Trane Christeson

"Two of the most common words that parents and teens use to describe the college-search process are: 'overwhelming' and 'stressful.' Many people think that it is next to impossible to get accepted into good colleges these days, and that to help with admission, high school students need to try as many different activities as possible.


"Two local women who are excited about changing those words and dispelling those and other common myths about college acceptance are Jennifer Curtis and Casey Emery..."

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