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FutureWise consultants are relatable and approachable. Our personalized approach allows us to cater directly to our students' needs.  We empower students to find their unique voice and guide them as we collaboratively identify the colleges that are the best fit for them and arm them with the skills for success. We focus on facilitating students' self-discovery at what can be an incredibly stressful time in their lives. Operating from the philosophy that if rapport is not built, growth cannot happen, FutureWise believes in the value of establishing a trusting relationship to then empower students to reach their potential.


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The most elite universities in the world maintain their selectivity by evaluating students based on a comprehensive application. FutureWise approaches the task of preparing students for the college admissions process with an integrated process. We guide students as they create a meaningful spectrum of achievements, encourage them to become involved both in and out of the classroom, support them in achieving academic and personal success, and challenge them to reach their standardized testing goals.

The bottom line: We believe that students need to start preparing the way they'll be evaluated—holistically.


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