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Jenn Curtis


An educational consultant, best-selling author, professional speaker, and the owner of FutureWise Consulting, Jenn has guided hundreds of high school students and their families through all aspects of the college admission process.


She is particularly passionate about empowering students to navigate their high school years with confidence and emphasizes self-advocacy, grit, and intention in her work with students. 

Department of History, Greenhill University, CA
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FutureWise provides personalized guidance to students navigating the college admission process, arming them with the tools and the knowledge to navigate their high school years with confidence and minimal stress. An expert in the college admission field and at the forefront of an ever-evolving admission landscape, Jenn educates students about the college admission process, guides them as they create a meaningful and fulfilling spectrum of achievements, encourages them to become involved both in and out of the classroom, supports them in working toward their academic and personal goals, and challenges them to reach to achieve their wildest dreams.


my book

The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness & Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World

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The role of a parent is complicated and tricky. Navigating that role with confidence, trust, and patience is no easy task, and it is full of twists and turns—it's an intricate parenting maze. ​


The Parent Compass offers parents the following:

  • Advice on fostering grit and resilience and strategies to help teens approach life with purpose.

  • Guidance on how to preserve the parent-child relationship while navigating a competitive academic environment.

  • Clear expectations of their appropriate role in the college admission process.

  • Effective ways to approach technology use in the home, and much more! ​​


Foreword written by Dr. Denise Pope, Senior Lecturer at Stanford University and Co-founder of Challenge Success

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media appearances

Explore an assortment of media appearances featuring Jenn's guidance on empowering high school students, fostering self-advocacy, cultivating grit, achieving success, and mastering the college admission process. Delve into her advice to embark on a confident, purposeful, and successful high school journey while navigating the nuances of college admission.