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Ready to navigate college admission with confidence and ease?

Learn what colleges are really looking for, how to amplify your applications, how to write elevated essays, and how to manage your mind for college application success.

Does this sound like


You’re feeling uncertain about how to begin your college applications and where to focus your time.

You’re feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what colleges are looking for.

You’re unsure how to properly fill out your college applications and what you should (and shouldn’t) include.

You feel defeated when it comes to writing essays that will help you stand out. 

Georgetown Student

"You have gone so far above and beyond with your help and I truly appreciate it. I honestly do not know what I would have done without you, and you have been such an incredible resource! I know how much time and effort you have put into helping me and it really means a lot. I am forever indebted to you!"

you're not alone!

Many students (and parents) feel the same way because...

they don’t have the right guide to walk them through each of the important application pieces, step by step.

It’s easy for the college application process to feel daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why after a decade and a half of counseling students, I created my signature program.

It makes the college application process digestible, easy to execute, and much more manageable.

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imagine having support!

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve finished your last college application and all you had to do was follow a proven success path that helped you plan, organize, write, and submit with confidence.


It will feel like you had your own personal educational consultant walking you through each of the steps in detail, helping you succeed.


It’s time to take on college admission—with confidence.


The Confident Senior | Your Accelerated Guide To College Admission

All of the tools, training, and resources you need to confidently navigate the college application process



the curriculum


Becoming FutureWise

Knowledge is power, and knowing what colleges are looking for can make all the difference. You’ll learn how to stay confident throughout the college application process and what to do to make the entire process manageable. Here’s the breakdown:

How to become FutureWise

Understand your success path

What colleges are looking for

Plugging in! How to quiet the noise and eliminate unhealthy competition


Amplify Your Applications

Organization is the single best way to diminish stress and anxiety in the college application process. In this module, you’ll not only develop your own system of organization, but also we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your applications noticed. Here’s the breakdown:

How to amplify your applications

Understand the various application deadlines and create a submission strategy for yourself

Develop your unique system of organization

Understand every part of the Common App and how to stand out amidst a competitive applicant pool

Write exceptional activity descriptions that get noticed

Detrimental application mistakes to avoid

Submission dos and don’ts


Elevate Your Essays

Writing powerful college essays is a critical piece to putting together outstanding applications. In this module, you’ll learn how to elevate your essays, from your personal statement to your supplemental essays. Here’s the breakdown:

Understand the role of application essays

Extensive brainstorming exercises

Identify your values (and learn why they're necessary in your writing)

How to pull together your brainstorming to determine your personal statement’s message

Critique sample essays and write your personal statement

Overcome essay writing obstacles

Understand, research, and write different types of supplemental essays and learn why they're critical to your application's success


Manage Your Mind +
Make Decisions

Waiting for admission decisions can be nerve-racking. We’ll cover the resources to get you through and the strategies to help you determine your next steps. Here’s the breakdown:

Put college admission in perspective

How to manage your mind during the waiting period

Understand the different admission decisions

Make a plan for your next steps and how to fight for yourself


bonus module



Supporting your teen through the ups and downs of the college application process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to! This indispensable parenting module will help you to empower your teen to navigate the application journey with confidence, and it will give you the tools to navigate it with confidence as well. Here’s the breakdown:

How to encourage your teen’s ownership of the application process

Understand current teen mental health statistics and identify helpful ways to support your teen during senior year and beyond

Paying for college: navigating money matters

How to prepare your teen for admission decisions and support them through the decision process

Strategies to help your teen make the final decision


Free YouScience
Aptitude Assessment

Learn about the skills and knowledge that set you apart. Use this valuable tool and your comprehensive results to choose a college major and research potential careers.


Branded FutureWise

We’ll send you your own pair of FutureWise branded earplugs.  You’ll get to know how important these are.

Choose The Best Option For You




The Confident Senior™ | Program Content

Access for One Year

BONUS: Parenting Through The Process Module

BONUS: FutureWise Branded Earplugs

BONUS: Free YouScience Aptitude Assessment




Everything included in the regular course track, plus:

VIP Upgrade: Weekly Q + A Recordings

VIP Upgrade: 2 Personal Statement Draft Reviews

VIP Upgrade: 1 Supplemental Essay Draft Review

VIP Upgrade: Activities Homework Review (Module 2)

VIP Upgrade: Personalized YouScience Aptitude Assessment Review

VIP Upgrade: 1-Month access to the FutureWise Resource Library

I am so excited about all of my options, especially Georgetown! I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. You were such a great resource, and I can’t explain how much you helped me throughout the entire process! Thanks again.
I’m so excited! I got into 8 out of 9 [of the] schools I applied to. . .Truly, thank you for everything! I would not be where I am now without you! You have made this entire process fun and rewarding. Super grateful for this experience.
I [placed] my deposit at Berkeley and I am fully committed. Thank you for everything and all your hard work. You have truly helped changed the trajectory of my life.
College Students

Is The Confident Senior™ right for you?

You are serious about applying to and getting accepted to college.

You are absolutely ready to put your time and focus into the college application process.

You are a United States resident.

You do not live in the state of Illinois.

You are applying to college in the next 6 to 9 months.

You plan to use the Common App to apply to at least some of the colleges on your list.

how it works

Here’s what happens when you buy


Simply choose which course track is best for you and sign up for The Confident Senior today.


You’ll receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of your purchase.


Instantly access all 4 modules, plus the bonus module, and get started right away.

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Jenn Curtis


Department of History, Greenhill University, CA

An educational consultant, best-selling author, professional speaker, and the owner of FutureWise Consulting, Jenn has guided hundreds of high school students and their families through all aspects of the college admission process.


She is particularly passionate about empowering students to navigate their high school years with confidence and emphasizes self-advocacy, grit, and intention in her work with students. 

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